We Are Team Built

Our people and the power of teamwork
make Kindred what it is

Here at Kindred, everything we do is constructed around a strong and supportive team. Our teams work with a singular focus to create rewarding experiences that can be celebrated by all those involved in a project.

Because every project is different, we prioritize tailoring our team to match the needs of the job. We work hard to understand our clients’ vision and expectations to create a shared vision of success. We anticipate challenges, solve problems proactively, maintain open, and honest communication, and overdeliver on what we have promised.

Meet the Team

Senior Executives:

All team members will be supported by our comprehensive support network of highly experienced senior executives that will work hand in hand with our team to troubleshoot any issues that arise throughout the entire length of the project.

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Site Superintendents:

Our experienced and proactive superintendents will supervise all field operations during the project. They will work to meet all budget and scheduling requirements along with the Project Manager, and will supervise the quality and work of the trade.

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Project Managers:

As your main contact for the project, they will be involved from pre-construction through to project completion and will manage the design coordination, value analysis, constructability reviews, trade engagement, scheduling, and budgeting. They will also manage all aspects of construction, including the quality, schedule, and budget.

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Project Coordinators:

They will be actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the project and have a key role coordinating the project documentation. They will also assist with managing overall project performance, including budget, schedule, and quality requirements.

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Everything we do at Kindred is constructed around a strong and supportive team—from team members to clients to external consultants. We work together with a singular focus to create a rewarding experience that can be celebrated by everyone involved.  Make a difference and build your career with a great team.