The Dream Home


It starts with you and your vision. We work with you to bring it to life.

We believe that the journey of bringing your vision to life, and the people who make it happen along the way, are part of what makes your home truly unique. An experience that can be fraught with challenges should instead be one that is thoroughly enjoyed. Our expertise, passion for quality, and commitment to advocating for you and your vision are just a few of the Kindred values that are part of every step of the journey, from planning at the outset to care for your home long after we have completed the home.

How We Make
Dream Homes Come True


We start every journey by bringing all stakeholders to the table to clarify project objectives, align on design intent, and build a shared vision for the project across all stakeholders. In this phase we deliver value analyses and recommendations, constructability reviews, preliminary timelines, and assess potential risks.
Whether it's through simple quantity take-offs, clash detection reporting, or to full 3D modeling, our pre-construction team works with you throughout design development to ensure drawings and specifications are optimized and ready for tendering. If needed, our team will assist in the city negotiations and building permits process.
Over the decades, we have established strong relationships with an extensive network of prequalified trade contractors to deliver project efficiencies and maximum value. We give careful consideration to trade selection for each project, including value and price, experience, capacity, comprehensive service, and contract security.


During construction, your project team will manage the day-to-day performance of the trades and overall site management, with rigorous oversight of the budget, schedule, quality, and communication and coordination across all stakeholders.
At the start of every project, the project team sets out a communication protocol that aligns with the client needs. Whether it's through regular meetings, detailed reports, project dashboards, or informal updates, our approach to transparency ensures that all parties always have the latest project status information at every step of the journey.
Our cost control process includes identifying cost-savings in the pre-construction and project tendering phases and leveraging strong relationships to negotiate with trades and suppliers. During construction, the project team continues optimizing budget through proactive reporting and forecasting of costs as well as managing negotiations with trades or supplier in the event of scope changes.
While a high-level schedule is developed during the pre-construction phase, once construction begins it is our Project Manager and Superintendent who keep the schedule on track by providing forward-looking timelines, keeping all stakeholders on track, and where needed, applying corrective and preventative measures.
Our Quality Management Program (QMP) starts at the beginning of every project with a definition and alignment on the quality requirements. Throughout construction, the project team zealously champions these requirements through regular inspections, detailed QA records, real-time identification, communication and management of any deficiencies.
Kindred has developed a strong health and safety program to protect all workers, the environment, the public and property from safety incidents. For each project, the Project Manager and Site Superintendent create a detailed Site Safety Plan that is managed by our entire team.
We have implemented a COVID-19 prevention plan that includes health monitoring, social distancing, hand hygiene, disinfecting, and project-specific procedures to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 on each project.


Ongoing Support

We view our involvement and role as your construction partner as a relationship over the coming decades, which is why our team will remain here for you long after completion of construction.

Dream Homes
Are Team Built

Throughout the dream home building process, our team remains focused on you to deliver not just your vision but also a rewarding experience that we can call be proud of.

Dream Homes
Are Team Built