River House

Set on a beautiful site at the base of the Coast Mountains, River House will be a modern farmhouse comprised of two separate structures: a Coach House and a Main House. It is a private retreat built to withstand its coastal environment and will feature materials that can weather the conditions and flourish over time. Elevated 11’ above grade, the main living level gives a sense of overlooking the site and providing enhanced views of the mountains and rivers that surround the property. The architecture and interiors embody the timeless appeal of a traditional farmhouse while seamlessly integrating the clean lines and simple volumes found in modern design. The architectural woodwork and millwork throughout this project will use locally-sourced, white-washed fir to bring a lighter tone to the interior, while the Client’s collection of artwork, rugs, books, and furniture add comfort and create a sense of home.

New Build
Completion Status:  
Pre Construction
Stark Architect